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Real Time
Menu Display & Online Ordering

  • Point of Sale Connected

    Our enterprise platform connects to a number of the industry's leading point-of-sale systems and can connect to others at your request.

    • MJFreeway
    • GreenBits
    • Odava
    • Leaf Logix
  • Menu Display

    Through our real time point-of-sale API connection you're able to display your menu in real time in a number of different places.

    Real Time Display
    • Website
    • App
    • In-Store
    • Online Directories
    • MassRoots (Coming Soon)
  • Online Ordering

    Easily set up a point-of-sale connected online store. Customize to your brand, set ordering rules, and more - all managed from one easy dashboard.

  • Patient & Customer Management

    When shopping online your customers can easily upload documents, send notes, and be linked to existing point of sale customer profiles.

Point-of-Sale Connected

Our platform connects to a number of the industry's leading point-of-sale systems to ensure an accurate and compliant environment.

Real-Time Menu

Our optimized point-of-sale connectivity allows your menu to display in real time on your website, online store, in-store displays and more.

Med & Rec

For locations supporting medical patients and recreational customers at the same time we make it easy to manage each scenario from one dashboard.

Pick Up & Delivery

Easily configure what type of orders all of your stores accept. Change options specific to each order type based on your desired customer experience.

Order Rules Engine

Take full control of how your customers interact with your products online. Define delivery areas, order minimum's, same day cut off times and more.

Your Brand All The Time

A shopping experience customized to your brand, from accessing on your website and app to specific colors and fonts, your brand is at the forefront.

Wharhol HTML Layouts Purpose Built Content Blocks

In-Store Ordering

  • Waiting Room Management

    Tired of filling your waiting room with magazines that end up in trash? Lines difficult to manage? Allowing your patrons to begin their order while they wait for assistance is a great way to expedite the in-store experience.

  • Engineered For In-Store

    Our in-store ordering apps are made specifically for the in-store ordering flow. Easily customize messages that direct users to specific areas of your store after completing an order.

  • Security in Mind

    To ensure one customer does not order on another user's account or other errors, our in-store ordering app comes with a number of security features including auto-logout, right out of the box.

We're eager to help you exceed your business's goals.